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World Swimming Championships postponed to 2022
The International Swimming Federation announced today, Monday, the postponement of the year championship, which was to be held in Fuku...
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Because of doping, Thailand and Malaysia are excluded from participating in the Tokyo Olympics
The International Weightlifting Federation announced today, Saturday evening, that the Thai and Malaysian lifters were suspended and n...
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Officially the Montreal Tennis Championship was postponed due to Coruna
The World Association of Professional Tennis Players decided today, Saturday, to postpone this year’s edition of the Montreal Women...
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Handball The International Federation postpones the world qualifiers for the Tokyo Olympics
The International Handball Federation has announced the postponement of the World Olympic qualifiers for the Tokyo Olympics for men an...
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American basketball teams prepare to resume training
Competition teams in the NBA are preparing to return to training soon after a long hiatus due to the worsening crisis of the emerging ...
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