Napoli score a fatal win over Udinese

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Napoli score a fatal win over Udinese


The Napoli team won a precious and fatal victory over its counterpart, Udinese, with a score of 2-1 in the seventeenth round of the Italian League, on the ground of the "Friuli" stadium.

The Napoli team scored the lead through Lorenzo Insigne from a penalty kick in the 15th minute, then Udinese scored a draw through Kevin Lasagna in the 27th minute.

In the "90th" minute, Napoli scored the deadly victory goal by Timoe Bakayoko, after a free kick played inside the penalty area that Bakayoko headed in the net.

Napoli raised their tally after this victory to 31 points in fourth place, while Udinese’s balance stuck at point 16 in thirteenth place temporarily.