Guardiola: We got back what we were missing, and Vodin will be a great player

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Guardiola: We got back what we were missing, and Vodin will be a great player


Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola spoke to the press after the 3-1 victory over Chelsea in the seventeenth round of the Premier League, at Stamford Bridge.

"They pressed and pushed in the first minutes," the coach said, "We suffered a little because we had almost nothing except for the goal in the last minute, but we're playing really well. The result is excellent at Stamford Bridge but the way we play was really great, you can't win titles." Without playing that way. "

He added, "We had a plan that we tried to play as we did in the past and it worked. The players were excellent in everything and especially with the ball. We cannot play like other teams, we have to play with our rhythm and attack at the right moment, we won titles this way, and we lost more patience. A little bit of that rhythm and today we got it back. "

He continued: "We don't have the physical strength and quality of players to make quick transfers, maybe Raheem Sterling and Kevin De Bruyne but the others have not played with the ball, you are creating problems for the opponent and this is what we have to do. From goalkeeper to striker we have to rotate the ball on the field, and we do 1000." Pass and we choose the right moment. "

"The way we won the leagues, titles and other things is the way we played today. The rhythm that we enjoy has lost it in the past, and today we have regained it, the players and the employees, they themselves have not changed," he added.

And he finished: “Phil Foden? Very proud - he has never lost any part of his energy. He can play in any position in attack, he has a sense of goal, he scored a great goal, we are incredibly dependent on him both in the national team and in the team. He will be a great player because he is so smart and calm. He performed amazingly today. "