FIFA adopts additional changes for the Club World Cup

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FIFA adopts additional changes for the Club World Cup


FIFA has announced the adoption of additional permanent substitutions for actual or suspected concussions during the FIFA Club World Cup.

Thus, the tournament to be held in Qatar from 1 to 11 February 2021 becomes the first international competition to test the implementation of the decision.

FIFA said in an official statement today, Friday: “After FIFA’s contribution and extensive consultation with its main partners, protocols for alternatives to concussion were approved at the annual business meeting of the International Federation of Football Association (ABM) in December 2020 with the aim of sending a strong message that if any Undoubtedly, the player must be withdrawn, and another concussion is prevented during the match, as multiple head accidents can have serious consequences. "

He added, "In line with the circular issued by the International Federation of Football Association (IFAB) on September 21, FIFA will implement a protocol in which each team is allowed to use a maximum of one concussion substitute in a match; this substitution can be made regardless of the number of substitutes actually used."

“The Concussion Alternatives Trial will be implemented in conjunction with the competition regulations and the return to sport strategy outlined in the SCAT 5 Concussion Assessment Tool,” he added.

"The teams participating in the Club World Cup will be allowed to make up to five regular substitutions per match. To avoid disrupting the game, each team will have only three chances to make the substitutions; substitutions can also be made in half the time," he said.