Busquets brings to mind the old days

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Busquets brings to mind the old days


Many observers praised the performance of veteran Barcelona midfielder Sergio Busquets, in the match that his team won, at the expense of host Granada "4-0" last night, in La Liga.

Busquets, who has been criticized in the past for his decline in his form, was moving in a distinctive way in front of Granada, as he recalled the great level he was previously known for.

Busquets' remarkable performance came in the confrontation in which he celebrated, reaching (600 matches) with the Blaugrana shirt, since his start in 2008.

The level of the star of the Catalan team, made him complete the match until the end, despite Ronald Koeman's use of the fifth substitutions, which is unusual this season for Sergio.

The player set a record for the number of assists in Barcelona this season, having passed (116 passes) during the match, and surpassed the number of assists by Jordi Alba against Huesca (111 assists).