The class of the Champions League group stage

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The class of the Champions League group stage

A nightmare that may be repeated and confrontations for the first time ... the possible teams of Liverpool in the round of 16 champions

Leading the fourth group, Liverpool qualified for the Champions League round of 16, after collecting 13 points during the six group matches.
The English team started its campaign in the group stage with a confrontation against Ajax of the Netherlands, and won with a goal without response, and in the second round match, Liverpool hosted its Danish counterpart, Metjeland, in a match that the Reds won with two clean goals.

In the third round, the English team visited Atalanta, Italy, and the match witnessed the scoring of 5 goals by the Reds, bringing the Reds one step closer to qualifying to the knockout rounds.

In the fourth round, Anfield hosted the Liverpool and Atalanta match, which inflicted the Reds their only defeat in the group stage, and in the fifth round, Jurgen Klopp's battalion decided to qualify for the round of 16 after beating Ajax with a goal without reply, before the English team ended the group campaign with a 1-1 draw Against the Dane Mittelland.

In the group stage, Liverpool players scored 10 goals (3 of them were signed by Egyptian Mohamed Salah), and he conceded only 3 goals.
The draw for the Champions League final eight rounds will be held next Monday (December 14) in Switzerland at 1 pm Cairo local time.
What are the potential teams for Liverpool in the Round of 16?
The tournament regulations state that the first-placed teams will face the second-placed team.
Also, the teams qualified for the round of 16 do not meet those from the same country, nor those who have previously confronted them in the group stage, which means that Liverpool will not meet with an English team or a team from the same group.
Accordingly, the potential teams for Liverpool in the Round of 16 are:
Atletico Madrid (second in Group A), Borussia Monchengladbach (second in Group B), Porto (second in Group C), Seville (second in Group E), Lazio of Italy (second in Group Six), Barcelona of Spain (second in Group G) and Leipzig Germany ( Second group eighth).
What did Liverpool do against potential teams in the knockout rounds?
Atletico Madrid

Liverpool had previously faced Atletico Madrid in the last season, and the Spanish team eliminated Klopp's squad in the round of 16 after beating them 4-2 in the round-trip aggregate.

Liverpool met Barcelona in the knockout rounds twice, the first in the round of 16 for the 2006/2007 edition, the Reds won the first leg (away) with two goals to one, and lost at Anfield with a clean goal, but the qualifying card was his share.

The second confrontation between the two was in the 18/19 edition, which was won by Liverpool after ousting Barcelona from the semi-final competitions in a dramatic match that saw the Catalan team lose 4-0 in the rematch, despite their superiority in going by three without a response.

They had never confronted in the knock-out rounds, and only two matches were combined in the group stage of the 17/18 tournament, and the two meetings ended with a positive tie (2-2), (3-3).

They have previously confronted 6 times, 4 of which were in the knockout rounds (two matches in the round of 16 and two games in the quarter-finals).
In the 17/18 edition, the two teams were drawn to the match in the round of 16, Liverpool won by five without a response in the first leg (away) and a goalless draw was settled in the second leg at Anfield.

The other match was in the quarter-finals of the 18/19 edition, Liverpool won both matches with a total of (6-1).
Showdowns for the first time
Moenchengladbach, Leipzig and Lazio Liverpool have never faced them in the tournament, either in the knockout stages or in groups.