Surprise - 10 clubs want to include Hakimi

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Moroccan full-back Achraf Hakimi, the Inter Milan player, caused a resounding surprise about the offers the player has received in the current period.

Achraf Hakimi moved in a permanent transfer to Inter Milan at the start of the current season from Real Madrid after the end of his loan with Borussia Dortmund over the past season.

Hakimi's agent revealed his case with Inter Milan: "He is very happy with the Italian team. He found the right way to play for him to show his abilities."

Hakimi's agent continued: "Two years ago, Inter Milan showed its desire to sign Hakimi, and the club's adherence to Hakimi's abilities prompted the player to choose to move here."

Hakimi's agent revealed a resounding surprise: "Hakimi has 10 offers from different clubs, but he is happy and comfortable here at Inter Milan and wants to continue his career with the team."

The Moroccan back agent concluded his remarks: "Ashraf Hakimi is setting one goal in his eyes at the moment, to help the team achieve titles and championships in the coming seasons."