Real Madrid hit Mönchengladbach with a double and qualify for the final price

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Real Madrid hit Mönchengladbach with a double and qualify for the final price


Real Madrid qualified for the Champions League final price, after beating its counterpart Borussia Moenchengladbach 2-0 in the final round of the group stage, to raise Real Madrid's score to 10 points at the top of the group, while Möchengladbach froze at 8 points in second place.

The beginning of the first half of the match was calm between the two teams, while Rodrigo sent a softball that was removed by the defense, then Modric sent a cross, but it was in the arms of the goalkeeper, and in the 9th minute, Real Madrid scored the goal of progress through Karim Benzema, after a cross from Vasquez around. Benzema header in the window of Sumer.

The Monchengladbach player hit a dangerous ball in the 11th minute, but Courtois removed it with difficulty, then Benzema fired a ball from inside the penalty area, but it went into a corner. Moenchengladbach missed an investigator goal after a through ball to Blia, who entered the penalty area and hit the ball next to the goal in the 24th minute, Then Real Madrid's advantage over the match continued.
In the 31st minute, Real Madrid scored a second goal through Karim Benzema, after a wonderful cross from Rodrigo that turned Benzema into the goal. Modric almost added a third goal, but his ball was on the post, and then Modric scored a third goal, but Varane was canceled, The first half ended with Madrid leading 2-0.
In the second half, Benzema almost added a third goal with a header, but the guard stopped it steadily, and in the "62nd" minute, Kroos shot a wonderful ball at the borders of the penalty area, but the goalkeeper brilliantly removed it, then Billa almost reduced the result with a shot from inside the penalty area, but the ball lost its way Goal and hit the outside window.

Vinicius missed an investigator after receiving a pass from Benzema, and instead of shooting on the goal, he sent a cross back, which the defense removed in the 67th minute. In the crossbar.
The minutes passed amid attempts and favors on the part of Real Madrid, as Benzema almost scored a third goal after a cross ball, but the goalkeeper confronted it firmly, and the match ended with a victory and Real Madrid qualified.