Real Madrid continues its victories in La Liga at the expense of Eibar

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Real Madrid continues its victories in La Liga at the expense of Eibar


Real Madrid won a precious victory at the expense of its counterpart Eibar, with a score of 3-1 in the match that was held at the "Al Baladi Eborua" stadium, within the 14th round of La Liga, to raise Real Madrid to 29 points in second place with the same balance of Atletico Madrid leaders, while the balance stuck Eibar is at point 15 in the fourteenth place.

The beginning of the first half of the match witnessed an early goal in favor of Real Madrid through Karim Benzema in the sixth minute, taking advantage of a wonderful pass from Rodrigo, then Real Madrid added a second goal through Luka Modric in the 13th minute after a pass from Benzema entered the penalty area around Modric. With a great shot in the net.

In the "16th" minute, Benzema missed an investigator after a cross from Modric around him with a header Gharib near the post, and in the "28th" minute, Eibar scored the goal to reduce the difference through Enrique Garcia Kiki, after he fired a great shot from outside the penalty area, then Benzema scored a third goal Elimination for offside in the "35" minute.

Mendy sent a cross pass in front of Vázquez, then Eibar almost scored a second goal after a cross that the player Eibar turned over the goal in the 39th minute. Ramos hit a ball from a free kick over the goal, then defender Eibar sent a ball from Vasquez in the minute. 43 ", to end the first half with Real Madrid advancing 2-1.

In the second half of the match, Real Madrid almost scored a third goal after a cross from Mindy that Rodrigo converted a shot over the goal into a corner that was not used in the 52nd minute, then Diop hit a strong ball that Courtois removed to a corner that was not used in the 55th minute, Then I almost intended to take advantage of Ramos' mistake, but his ball was right next to the goal.

In the 67th minute, Real Madrid missed a goal after a ball from Kroos to Rodrigo, who shot it from inside the penalty area, but the goalkeeper pushed it away. Eibar almost scored the equalizer after a cross and header from Motu but it was above the goal. The 71st minute.

Then Asensio hit a ball from a free kick directly, but next to the post, Eibar demanded a penalty kick against Ramos, but the referee demanded that the play continue. The player Eibar fired a ball from outside the penalty area, which Courtois tackled twice, then Ramos saved his goal from an investigator goal in the 90th minute. 1 ".

In the "90 + 2" minute, Real Madrid scored a third goal through Lucas Vásquez after a ball from Benzema before entering the penalty area and firing a ball into the net. The match ended with Real Madrid winning 3-1.