Re-meeting Paris and Basaksehir with the Heroes

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Re-meeting Paris and Basaksehir with the Heroes

The European Football Association (UEFA) announced that Dutch referee Danny Makeli will manage the remainder of the match between Paris Saint-Germain and Turkish Basaksehir in the final sixth round of Group H matches in the European Champions League today, Wednesday, after it was stopped on Tuesday due to alleged racist abuse.

Makeley, 37, will manage the match with the help of his compatriot Mario Dix and Marcin Bunyik, while Poland's Bartosz Frankovski will be a fourth referee.

The players of the two teams left the field about 20 minutes after the start of the match, when the two teams were tied negatively, as the players of Basaksehir protested on the grounds that the fourth Romanian referee Sebastian Koltisco used a racist word in describing Cameroonian Pierre Weibo, assistant coach of the Turkish team.

UEFA initially stated that Koltisco would be substituted to resume the match, but Basaksehir was not satisfied with the Romanian referee continuing to participate in managing the match from the video assistant referee system (VAR) room, so that UEFA would announce after the resumption of the match on Wednesday evening with a new referee crew.

The word that Basaksehir players complained about was heard in the stadium, in the absence of the crowd, as Koltisco used the Romanian word for people with brown skin "nigro", which was considered by the Basaksehir players as a racist offense.

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