Pirlo: We feel like a strong team, and I don't want to comment on this

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Pirlo: We feel like a strong team, and I don't want to comment on this


Juventus coach Andrea Pirlo appeared in press statements to the media, after losing 3-0 to Fiorentina, in the fourteenth round of the Italian League.

Pirlo said, "We started the game with the wrong attitude, and if you did, you would end up in these bad situations. It could happen in the last game before Christmas because we start thinking about vacation, but we were slow and unfocused, so we lost."

On the rematch of the Naples match: "We have no problem playing, but I am more disappointed with those other teams who traveled and played without more players who were infected with the Coronavirus, and showed great integrity through playing anyway."

"My penalty kicks for Ronaldo and Bernardeschi were not counted? The pictures are clear, there could have been other shots in our favor, but I don't feel the need to comment. After all, everyone can see the footage."

"We can't really talk about tactics or technical performance when we're playing with 10 players after 10 minutes," he added. We did what we could to stay in the game, and we would have done if a penalty kick was awarded to us. "

He added, "Now we will go on vacation for a few days to recharge our energies, then we can reconsider the mistakes we made, as we can improve and we have a project to continue."

And he continued: "We feel that we are a strong team, but if Milan and Inter are ahead, then this means that they have performed better than us so far. Let's not deny that they are the favorite candidates now to win the league."

He concluded: "Bonucci missed two of the three goals? It was a bad day for Bonucci, but he is our captain and we have great faith in him. De Ligt's exit? It seems that it is muscle fatigue, which is normal after many consecutive matches."