Officially, a rematch of the Napoli-Juventus match

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Officially, a rematch of the Napoli-Juventus match


Italian club Napoli won his appeal regarding the penalty he suffered for failing to play its match against Juventus on October 4, in the third round of the Italian League.

The match was canceled and Juventus was counted a 3-0 winner, in addition to a point deduction from Napoli, due to his inability to attend the match at the time.

Naples received an order not to travel to Turin by the local health authority (ASL) due to two positive cases in Naples, Piotr Zelensky and Eljeev Elmas.

Two appeals previously filed by Napoli were rejected, before the club's appeal to the Sports Guarantee Board of the Italian Olympic Committee was approved.

The court confirmed that the match would be played at a later time, and the penalty for a point deduction against Napoli was canceled.