Messi reveals the date of deciding his future and his desire after retirement

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Messi reveals the date of deciding his future and his desire after retirement


Barcelona captain Lionel Messi revealed when his future will be decided, during an interview with the "Producciones del Barrio" television network.

Messi said: "My future? In June you will know what will happen, in fact, until now I do not know what will happen, negotiating with another club in January? It is not clear, I will wait until the end of the season. At the moment I want to focus on winning titles with Barcelona," I always said that I like the idea of ​​going to the United States of America and living a new life experience there, but I don't say that I will go there now. "

He continued: "I receive the fans' messages and their desire to stay .. Currently there is no decision, but I will take what dictates my heart and mind at the time of the decision .. After several years and where I was .. I will return to live in Barcelona, ​​my city, when I retire, I want to be in the club somehow."

He continued: "I am a person who does not like defeat. In case of losing I say or do things as a result of anger, but after that I regret everything I have said or done. I do not play to be the best in the world. I play to win and give the best to my team."

And he added: "The defeat against Bayern Munich? I lost many times and you have to accept that, but it was a difficult moment. It was a difficult moment because of how he lost, especially because we knew it was a complicated match. We were going through a difficult year. We could lose but not in the way we did."

He added: "Griezmann? Our relationship is good. I have no problem with him. I have a good relationship with everyone, but I have a stronger relationship with the old people here. Going to Atlético to be with Suarez? I did not think about it at all."

Argentine star Lionel Messi revealed, during the lengthy interview, which was shown last night, about the work he desires, after he retires from playing football.

"After retiring, I will try to work in a field related to football, perhaps as a sporting director," the Barcelona captain said on this subject.

He continued training field? I don't see myself as a coach in the future, when I retire, I want to be at Barcelona in some way. "

On another issue, Messi was asked if he would decide to stay in Barcelona if his former teammate Xavi Hernandez had become the coach, and he replied: "I do not know, let's see the elections and what will happen."