Messi responds to Pele's message

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Argentine star Lionel Messi responded to the message of the Brazilian legend Pele, through which he congratulated the Argentine on equating his historical record as more than one goal-scoring team.

Messi wrote through his official account on Instagram: "Thank you very much for your very affectionate message, Pele. It was wonderful to see what these words mean, coming from a big person like you .. He sent you a big hug."

Pele wrote a letter to Messi and said: “When your heart is filled with love, it is difficult to change your path ... Just like you, I know how it feels to wear the same shirt every day. I know there is no better place than the place where you feel at home. Congratulations on your record. History, Lionel, but above all, congratulations on your wonderful career, I like you so much. "

And Messi had equaled the historical record recorded by Pele as more than one record with one club, as Messi scored 643 goals with Barcelona, ​​while Pele scored the same number with Santos.