Manchester City crush Arsenal and qualify for the League Cup semi-finals

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Manchester City crush Arsenal and qualify for the League Cup semi-finals


The Manchester City team qualified for the semi-finals of the English Professional League Cup, after the great and deserved victory over Arsenal, with a score of 4-1, in the match that was held this evening, Tuesday, on the ground of the "Emirates" stadium, the stronghold of the gunners, in the quarter-finals of the competition.

The beginning of the first half of the match, he witnessed an early goal in favor of the Manchester City team through Gabriel Jesus after a cross from Zinchenko that Jesus headed in the net, and in the 7th minute, Fernandinho hit a strong ball from outside the penalty area, but it was near the goal to a corner that was not used by Cyan.

Manchester City continued to control and seize the ball amid a retreat from the artillery side. In the 22nd minute, Riyad Mahrez sent a cross from a corner around Laporte next to the goal, and in the 31st minute, Arsenal scored the equalizer through Alexandre Lacazette with a header after a cross from Martinelli.

In the "40th" minute, Manchester City missed an investigator after a swift transfer of balls ended with a pass to Jesus, who shot a ball inside the penalty area, but the goalkeeper narrowly saved it, ending the first half with a 1-1 draw.

In the second half of the match, Manchester City scored a second goal through Riyad Mahrez after a direct free kick shot by Mahrez, and the goalkeeper tried to stop it, but his mistake hit the net in the 55th minute. Then Phil Foden scored a third goal in the 59th minute, taking advantage of a pass from Fernandinho. Then he put the ball into the net.

In the 68th minute, Lacazette hit a ball from inside the penalty area, but it was in the outside net, and in the 72nd minute, Man City scored a fourth goal through Emerck LaPorte with a header after a cross from Foden. Mehrez hit a strong ball that was blocked by the goalkeeper in the 90th minute. 1 ", to end the match with Manchester City winning 4-1.