Barcelona may not play at the Camp Nou for 3 years!

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Barcelona may not play at the Camp Nou for 3 years!


Barcelona is preparing for the presidential elections, which will be held next January, after Josep Maria Bartomeu resigned from his position as president of the club last October.

Agusti Bendetto, one of the club's presidential candidates, spoke about the club's options regarding the stadium in which the team will play its matches, in the event that the "Camp Nou" stadium is renewed.

Agusti Bendetto said in a press statement: "We are in the process of evaluating two possible places. The first is to spend three years playing at the Olympic Stadium, and the second possibility is to play at Juan Gamper."

101greatgoals said the Olympic Stadium is the stadium for Espanyol, while Juan Gamper is the club’s sporting city and the stadium for the youth team.

It is noteworthy that the second option is similar to the way Real Madrid play this season, as Los Blancos played their matches at home at Alfredo Di Stefano, while the Santiago Bernabeu is undergoing renovation.