Arsenal return to victory against Chelsea today

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Arsenal return to victory against Chelsea today


Arsenal won a precious 3-1 victory over its counterpart Chelsea in the fifteenth round of the Premier League, on the ground of the "Emirates" stadium, to raise Arsenal to 17 points in the fourteenth place temporarily, while Chelsea's balance was frozen at point 25 in fifth place temporarily. .

The beginning of the first half of the match was strong from Arsenal's side, as Bellerin sent a cross that reached Martinelli, who was around the crosswalk in minute 1, and then Chelsea launched an organized attack, but the defense removed the ball at the last minute, then Mount hit the ball from a free kick, but it was It hit the post, then outside the goal.

In the 25th minute, Bellerin sent a cross pass in front of Roy, then Martinelli followed it with a shot into a corner, after which the referee awarded a penalty kick in favor of Arsenal after a mistake by James on Terni. Alexandre Lacazette set out for it, scoring the goal for the artillery in the 43rd minute.

Arsenal managed to score a second goal through Garnett Xhaka in the 44th minute, after he shot a wonderful free kick that hit Mendy, ending the first half with Arsenal advancing 2-0.

In the second half of the match, Arsenal scored a third goal through Saca after he shot a ball from inside the penalty area that hit the goalkeeper and hit the net in the 56th minute. And in the 60th minute, the gunners almost added a fourth goal through Martinelli with a wonderful keel, but goalkeeper Mendy blocked to her.

In the 63rd minute, Martinelli hit a powerful ball that Mendy blocked, then the defense narrowly removed it, and in the 79th minute Odoi sent a cross that Abraham headed over the goal, and then Lacazette almost scored a fourth goal, taking advantage of a gag from Mindy, but the goalkeeper saved his goal and removed the ball to Corner.

The Nani hit a powerful and wonderful ball that hit the crossbar, then a defensive dribble and a shot from the Arsenal player, Mendy removed it in the 83rd minute. Then Chelsea scored a goal to reduce the difference through Tammy Abraham after a cross from Odoi in the 85th minute, then the referee awarded a penalty kick in favor of Chelsea,

Jorginho set out to kick the penalty, but goalkeeper Leno blocked it in the "90 + 1" minute, to end the match 3-1 for Arsenal.