Approval of an additional change in the Premiership

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Approval of an additional change in the Premiership


After the International Football Association Council agreed to conduct experiments to allow additional changes in matches in the event that a player experiences a concussion, the Premier League has adopted the order.

The Association, after its meeting today, Thursday, announced that it would start experimenting with that, starting from next January.

The statement read: "With player sponsorship being a priority in the Premier League, clubs have agreed in principle to introduce additional alternatives to permanent brain concussion after the FIFA Council approved the experiment yesterday."

He continued: "The English Premier League will consider implementing protocols that allow the use of two alternatives to concussion, a maximum of each team, with the ability of the opposing team to make an additional substitution at the same time, to avoid the possibility of offending the base."

"Additional replacements for concussion may be made, regardless of the number of alterations the team has already made," he added.

The last incident that Wolverhampton striker Raul Jimenez suffered in his team's match with Arsenal weeks ago, which comes after several similar cases over the past years, hastened the decision.