Real Madrid falls against Real Betis and imposes the forefront

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Real Madrid falls against Real Betis and imposes the forefront

Real Madrid received a disappointing loss at the hands of its counterpart Real Betis 2-1 in the 27th round of the Spanish League, on the ground of the "Pinto Villamarin" stadium, to freeze Real Madrid's balance at 56 points in second place, while Betis raised its score to 33 points In twelfth place.

The first half of the match did not witness many opportunities between the two teams, as the performance of the two teams was characterized by negative and extreme reservations, especially by Real Madrid, which did not provide the expected performance, while Betis was the most dangerous and created several opportunities for registration, but the first opportunity in the match was in favor of a team Real Madrid .

Where the "15th minute" witnessed the first opportunity after a ball that reached Vinicius inside the penalty area before he picked it up and paid it in the outside window, then Betis almost scored the goal of the progress after a free kick played inside the penalty area and then a header from Varan arrived in Bartra who turned it header over the goal in Minute "27".

The "35" minute witnessed a dangerous opportunity in favor of Real Betis after a ball that reached Nabil Faqir, who received it with a great shot, who was sent off by Courtois, then Betis scored the goal through, Sydney da Silva after a ball inside the penalty area fired by a powerful player who hit the net of the goalkeeper, who failed to tackle her in Minute "40".

In the "45 + 2" minute, the match referee awarded a penalty for Real Madrid and Marcelo, Karim Benzema, scored the equalizer for the royal team, after which the first half ended with a 1-1 draw.

In the second half, Betis wasted a second goal after a counterattack that ended with a ball to Joaquin who dodged Courtois and then shot a ball into the empty net but Modric pulled it away in the last minute in the "55th minute", then Marcelo came out and Mende came in for him in the "59th minute", then Crosse went out and instead replaced Mariano Diaz.

In the "70th minute", Real Madrid almost scored a second goal after a shot by Modric, who was sent off by the goalkeeper, then Mindy followed it with a shot in the crossbar, then Benzema followed it with a cross that was sent off by the defense. A serious accident was not exploited.

Modric went out and entered for him Valverde in the "78th minute", then Real Betis scored a second goal after a gag from Benzema and then the ball reached, Christian Tello, who went alone in the goal and entered the penalty area and put the ball into the net in the "82" minute, Benzema hit a ball near the goal Shortly, the meeting ends 2-1 for Betis.