Liverpool tempt Sadio Mane astronomical offer

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Liverpool tempt Sadio Mane astronomical offer

Liverpool seem to be keen to keep the Senegalese striker, Sadio Mane, with the team for as long as possible, especially after reports that linked the player to move to Real Madrid,

According to information from the Italian newspaper La Gazzetta dello Sport, Liverpool is working to renew Sadio Mani's contract until 2025, although his current contract expires in 2023.

The newspaper said in its report that the salary of Sadio Mani will increase to 13 million euros a year with the new contract, so it seems that the Senegalese player will be away from Real Madrid.

The 27-year-old Sadio Mane has been at Liverpool since 2016 from Southampton, playing 130 games for Reds, scoring 65 goals and making 23 more.